Our services

All our clients are offered a wide range of consulting services aimed at studying business development trends, evaluating their potential, increasing its value by developing and implementing long-term strategies and business solutions.

 The priorities of B2Ukraine are:

Integrated Marketing

B2Ukraine provides integrated solutions for business which vector is oriented on new markets in other countries,

 we offer:

  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Creating a database of enterprises on request;
  • Assistance in the development of commercial proposals, the production of promotional materials;
  • Conduct market analysis, gather marketing information;
  • Planning an advertising campaign on the Internet, the press, radio and television, writing and placing PR articles in specialized publications, creating targeted events;
  • Publication of commercial offers;
  • Organization of various seminars, conferences, meetings, tastings of entrepreneurs from different countries;
  • Organization and support of B2B negotiations.


  • Brand Management
  • Development and creation of a business plan
  • Cost optimization

 The cost of services is calculated individually for each client for a specific target request, work is done on a prepaid basis by  the contract.